Changing IP address on cMTx

Changing IP address on cMTx
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  • HMI Model: cmt3072x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:

Looking through the Easy Builder manual, I see registers LW 10786 - 10789 contain the octets for the IP address of LAN2. They are shown to be R/W for local and R/C for macro.

I made a screen to expose those registers and make them R/W, but when I change a value in LW10789, the IP address of the HMI doesn’t update.

Is there a register I need to set to accept the changes? How do I get the IP to update after I change the register?


I am thinking it requires a reboot on the HMI. I think there is a system bit to do a reboot as well.

No luck. I did a power cycle and it came back at the old address.

I have it set as a static address in the network settings on the device. I tried with DHCP and got the same result.

LB-12095 (updates LAN2 setting) is what you’re looking for.