Creating Custom Shape Objects


In this post, we will guide you through the process of creating a custom shape and adding it to an object within EasyBuilder Pro.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. To begin, select an object within the “Object” tab. For this example, we will use a “Word Lamp,” but many other buttons and objects can also be utilized:

  2. In the object’s properties, navigate to the “Shape” tab. By default, the “Use picture” option will be enabled, so select the “Use shape” box and deselect the “Use picture” option. Next, choose the “Shape Library” box:

  3. In the “Shape Manager,” go to the (A) “Project” tab. Then, click (B) the “add new picture” button. This action will create a new picture slot where you can add your pictures and shapes:

  4. Return to the “Object” tab. Here, we will use the “Draw” section to create shapes:

  5. For our example, we’ve created a simple square with various colors and patterns inside. After creating your desired shape, select it and click on the “Shape” icon within the “Project” tab:

  6. Upon clicking the “Save to shape” button, you will have the option to add the picture to the empty picture slot we previously created. Return to the “Project” tab, choose the empty picture slot, and click “Save.” This will insert the shape you have created into state 1 of the object. You can repeat this process to add more pictures to the created picture slot:

  7. When you have created your desired amount of shapes, go back to the “Word Lamp” object and find the “Shape Library” within the “Shape” tab. Then, revisit the “Projects” section once more, and you should be able to select the custom shape you created. Once you press “OK,” this will insert the shapes into the states of the object. Ensure you have created enough custom shapes for the number of states in your object: