Does Codesys support Ethernet/IP?

Does Codesys support Ethernet/IP?
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I have some I/O modules that I thought supported Modbus, but turns out they are Ethernet/IP only. I tgried configuring the Ethernet/IP scanner in Codesys, but it doesn’t compile when using the Weintek Device (249 errors). Is there a library or something I’m missing to make this work?

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Hi @jjansen,

It is possible to communicate with certain Ethernet/IP devices that use explicit messaging through Codesys. However, this requires Weintek USA’s Ethernet/IP library which is currently available by request. In general, Weintek’s built-in Codesys is not equipped with the Etherent/IP license that is required to utilize the libraries produced by GmbH. Therefore in order to communicate with an Ethernet/IP device using Codesys, I would recommend the following:

  1. Utilize the Ethernet/IP drivers available within EasyBuilder Pro:
  2. Follow the instructions within our “Weintek’s built-In Codesys to Modbus Gateway” document to route communication from Codesys to the external device.

Related subject - but just with HMI and no Codesys:
The EB Pro manual shows how to configure the HMI as a Modbus Server, can we setup the HMI as an Ethernet IP Server?

Hi @msando,

This is a great question! Currently a cMT HMI can be configured as an Ethernet/IP server. Here is a document that describes how to use the “ODVA EtherNet/IP Server (Explicit Messaging)” driver: Link