Event Alarm Question

Event Alarm Question
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In my event alarm I have 2 different events for temperature one in C and the other one in F.
I have a toggle switch which activates bit A and deactivates bit B and viceversa so only one event is enabled depending on the Temperature selection.

Each of them have their own condition to activate bit for a notification when they reach certain value.
Let say I have a alarm going in celsius and I switch to Farenheit, I have a macro writing 0 on the notification bit on celsius so it won’t display when farenhet is selected.
But if I go back to Celsius the notification won’t activate until I change the dynamic limit of the notification to a higher value and then return it to a lower one.

My questions

Does the notification event need to be recovered and then triggered again so it activates the notification bit again in this case?

And if a notification event bit is activated but the event in alarm log gets its bit disabled would it override the notification event?