New to Codesys?

New to Codesys?
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Thank you for considering Weintek’s built-in Codesys for your next application. This post contains information related to Weintek’s implementation of Codesys and a list of common questions and answers.

Why Codesys?

Codesys or CoDeSys is an exceptional PLC IDE that is the framework of many PLC IDEs on the market. If you have used Schneider, Bedrock, or Wago’s PLC software you will find the Codesys IDE to be quite familiar. In addition, the control logic complies with IEC 61131-3 which means that you can use ladder logic, function-block diagrams, sequential function charts, instruction lists, or structured text within your application.

How do I activate Weintek’s Codesys?

To activate Codesys on your device, please follow these instructions: Click Here

Where can I download Codesys?

You can download Codesys free-of-charge at Weintek HMIs and the cMT-CTRL-01 use Codesys runtime v3.5.10.30 and we highly recommend using the IDE that corresponds with this version. If you would like to use a later version please read this documentation: Click Here

  1. Open and click “Sign in” on the top right corner:

  2. On the following page click “Create Individual Customer Account” and follow the prompts to create your account:

  3. When finished, sign in to your account and click “Details” under " CODESYS Development System V3":

  4. On the following page, select the “Versions” tab:

  5. Download and install version

  6. You will also need to download and install Weintek’s Codesys package: Link

When finished, please review this short tutorial to help you create your first Codesys application: Link

Can I create my Codesys project within EasyBuilder Pro?

No, you will need to use the Codesys IDE (see above) to create your Codeys project. The HMI can be programmed using EasyBuilder Pro.

How do I connect to Weintek’s Codesys?

Codesys has complete control over LAN-1, please make sure that your PC is connected to LAN-1 or that you have “Codesys Login” enabled on the HMI. While “Codesys Login” is enabled, you can connect to the HMI and Codesys using LAN-2. To enable Codesys Login:

  1. Select the orange disc within the top left corner:

  2. Select the “Lock” icon and login to the “Setting Menu”:
    Note: The default password is 111111.

  3. Select the “Network” tab and click “Ethernet (LAN 2)”:

  4. Enable “Codesys Login” and then click “Ok” in the top right corner:

  5. Once finished specify the HMI’s LAN 2 IP within the “Device” communication setting in your Codesys project:

What protocols does Weintek’s Codesys support?

Currently Weintek’s built-in Codesys supports the following protocols:

  • Modbus TCP/IP (master)
  • EtherCAT (master)
  • CANopen (master)

However, we are always working on new solutions so this may change in the future.

Can Weintek’s Codesys communicate with a 3rd party device?

Certainly! You may use any of the protocols mentioned above to communicate with an external device of your choice.

How many devices can Weintek’s Codesys communicate with?

  • Modbus TCP/IP: 32 devices
  • EtherCAT: 65,535 devices
  • CANopen: 126 devices

Does Weintek’s Codesys support SoftMotion?

Currently our implementation of Codesys does not support SoftMotion. However, we do have an extensive library that contains motion control functions that work with any PLCopen compliant device.

Does Weintek’s Codesys support Visualization?

No, currently visualization is performed by the HMI.

How fast is Weintek’s Codesys?

Quite fast! Here are some stats: