USB Flash Drive PopUp

USB Flash Drive PopUp
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  • HMI Model: MT8071iP
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:, Build 2024.01.31
  • Serial Number or supplier:

I have changed the HMI data sampling storage from HMI Memory to USB1. After downloading the program and inserting the Flash Drive a popup is displayed requesting an action: Download / Upload / Restart & Exit / Cancel. No matter what is selected the message continues to popup a short time after. I have searched the manual, but no luck. Thanks for your assistance.

Hi @ProcessControl,

This popup should only display once, when the HMI detects that an external storage device has been connected. Can you replicate the re-occurring popup when using another USB drive?

Thanks for the quick reply. The popup occurred approximately every 30 sec, but I did not try another USB drive. When I return to the job site, I will try another USB drive. Thanks