What is the recommended Codesys version?

What is the recommended Codesys version? https://forum.weintekusa.com/uploads/db0776/original/1X/40797de1abd9d59a6b7907bd113acb5e4cb7e391.jpeg
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New user to Weintek and Codesys. I used the EasyRemoteIO tool and could see digital and analog inputs reporting live values with StartMonitoring. Exported the .xml file and then went back to the Codesys project.

I was following training video but when came time to “add device”, the Ethernet choice is not there. From the Codesys store I thought I downloaded but when I check the “about” box in my laptop it shows 3.5 SP10 Patch 3+.

Is this incorrect?? Most of the individual listed items are

Hi @mike_c_56,

This is an excellent question! Within our tutorial the “Ethernet” adapter was listed under “Miscellaneous”. However, within your installation, you may find this driver listed under “Fieldbusses”:

I would recommend using the adapter version associated with your Codesys installation. This version is If it is not listed within your device directory, please check “Display all versions” and it may appear.

Regarding your second question, version 3.5 SP10 Patch 3+ is the recommended version. It is also referred to as

I was able to find the Ethernet device in the field bus tab and then selected the “Modbus Plus” device per the video. The next step was to import the .xml file created with EasyRemote I/O.
When I selected the file the dialog box said something like no usable items in this file. I will go back to EasyRemote I/O and re-create this file.

New question: In the video the instructor is using EasyBuilderPro as an online tool to connect to the HMI to set things such as IP addresses and other configuration items. I have setting IP addresses on the HMI screen and then working offline with my laptop to create and then download to the HMI. Where do I find the VNC tool in EasybuilderPro to get online with the HMI??? I saw in the video that LAN1 (for I/O adapter) and LAN2 (for laptop) addresses are in the same “group”. First three numerals are the same with the 4th numeral unique to each device. Is this preferred? Required for the online connection? Presently my LAN1 and LAN2 have diverse IP addresses.

Hi @mike_c_56,

When an HMI does not have a Codesys license each LAN port must be set to a unique IP subnet as in this example:

However, since your HMI has a Codesys license you may configure both LAN ports to the same subnet. Essentially, we don’t have a recommended configuration it simply depends on the requirements of your application.

The VNC application used within this tutorial was created by a company that is not affiliated with Weintek. Currently we do not have a dedicated VNC client application, but all of our HMI’s that are equipped with a built-in display can function as a VNC server. Some 3rd party VNC client applications that I have used in the past are:

  • UltraVNC
  • RealVNC

Personally I do not have a preference for either and I cannot provide recommendations related to the use of 3rd party software. I would recommend that you read reviews of different software vendors and download your preferred application from a reputable source.

Note: If you have a cMT-X series HMI you can use the built-in web-based viewer “Webview”.
To access this web-based client:

  1. Connect the HMI’s LAN-2 port to your PC and enter the HMI’s IP address within your browser:

  2. When prompted, enter the HMI’s password:
    Note: The default password is 111111.

  3. On the following page select “WebView” under “Features” → click “Enable” → click on “WebView”:
    Note: The default password for WebView is 111111, but you may change this or set it to “password free” as well.

Capture__0060_codesys_ethernet _ip_addr

Thanks Brendon. I have another dumb question. If I assign my IP addresses as shown in the above .jpg and obtain an VNC software, will I be able to move from EasyBuilderPro to EasyRemote I/O and connect on-line with the HMI and the iR-ETN module on-line??
Will the communication from my laptop get thru LAN2 to LAN1 to the iR-ETN?
Currently I am doing a lot of cable unplugging and IP setting in my laptop.

Regards, Mike C.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to “pass-through” the HMI’s LAN 2 port and communicate with devices that are connected to the HMI’s LAN 1 port when the HMI has an active Codesys licenses. To make testing easier, I would suggest that you setup the network similar to the image show below:

While using this configuration, the PC can download projects to the HMI and Codesys using the HMI’s LAN 2 port, the HMI’s LAN 1 port can communicate with the iR-ETN, and the PC can communicate with the iR-ETN using EasyRemote IO.