ABB ACS580 Modbus RTU

ABB ACS580 Modbus RTU
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  • HMI Model: cMT-SVR-100
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.01.579
  • Serial Number or supplier:


I am investigating the best way to use a cMT-SVR-100 to communicate to an ABB ACS580 drive via ABB;s built in Modbus RTU RS485 communications…what driver? I will be monitoring: fault condition, speed, current as well as writing speed reference and Start / Stop commands to the drive. Currently, I do not know the device that will be used to initiate these commands to the cMT-SVR as of yet…thank you for your support!

It depends on Modbus protocol implementation on the ABB ACS580 drive. The detailed information about how it implements Modbus RTU server/slave should be documented by ABB. Then you will select the proper Modbus RTU driver to talk to this drive accordingly. If you have 3rd party Modbus master app running on a PC such as Modbus Poll, perhaps you could try to build communication between that sort of app and the drive via a USB-to-serial cable. This way you will know if you successfully monitor those parameters from drive and issue Modbus commands to the drive.

How to Select the Proper PLC Driver - Easy Builder Pro Weintek HMI/PLC Communication - YouTube

It looks like this user manual has information that you may need “ACS580 drives standard control program firmware manual.”
Please look at the following:
Page#431 58.33 Addressing mode
Chapter 10 Fieldbus control through the embedded fieldbus interface (EFB)

Thanks Tim…I appreciate the extra effort! I have since been in contact with ABB and they have answered several of my questions and for now I believe that I have enough info to get me started. Again, thank you for all of your support.