ACR9000: 32 Bit addressing

ACR9000: 32 Bit addressing
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Is there a way to access more than 16 bits in Easy builder Pro when using the ACR9000. For context, in parker motion manager I’m using the user flags which have 32 available bits for access. However the addressing on easy builder pro only allows 0-15. This only allows me to access bits 128-143 but I need to be able to use bits 144-159.
When trying to address them in Easy Builder Pro the address range is DDDDDdd but dd is limited to 0-15.
Is there anyway to be able to use 32bits?
HMI is CMT3162x
Serial Number:2105104673
PLC: ACR9000
Software: Parker Motion Manger and Easy Builder Pro

Hi Logan,

To access 32 bits within a single P register, please attempt to use the “P_Low16bit” and the “P_High16bit” address types to perform this function. If this solution does not work with your device, we will advise an alternative method.

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