BACnet Communication Setup and Limitations

BACnet Communication Setup and Limitations
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  • HMI Model: cMT3162X (V2)
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: Stevenson Engineering
  • Application: Server Lab, Screen to monitor 130 BACnet Devices


This is really meant as a place holder for others looking for BACnet information. While your device can do BACnet I think there is much needed improvement and possible BTL certification. BACnet is suppose to make all Building Management Systems interoperable and works well across many manufactures like Trane, Tridium among many others. The setup does work but is different then I though it would be and wanted to add some info for others looking to use it this way. We have a Server Lab in a building and are using it for a local display and monitoring device for 130 BACnet devices (with approx 10 points per device mapped). Originally I was hoping to map all these devices using BACnet routing, however after some experimenting this wasn’t working well so I decided to map all the points through my main supervisor device (Tridium JACE-8000). Doing this I was able to bring in the tags for approx. 1300 points but this is not ideal. Is there anything I am missing about the limitations of how these screens are used and being able to map points across multiple devices (screen for an entire building or lab etc like I’m doing on this project)? Are they only intended on being used on single devices (i.e. one HVAC system, air handler, Chilled Water Plant, assembly line or robot etc…?) or is it that BACnet is just not fully developed to make it work this way?