Banner Safety PLC to HMI communication

Banner Safety PLC to HMI communication
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  • HMI Model: cmt3152x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.07.02.320
  • Serial Number or supplier: Banner
    Is there a driver that is compatible with communicating to the Banner XS25-ISDd safety controller via ethernet IP?
    I’ve also tried to import tags from a CSV but no tags are being stored in the user-defined tags even though it says none were ignored. I’m trying to display inputs from the PLC on the HMI but I’m unsure if there is a generic driver that may work. I’ve attempted to use DF1 and Client-Server but neither have worked for me.

Hi @LoganH,

Although we don’t currently have drivers that were developed specifically for Banner PLCs, we do have the following generic Ethernet/IP drivers:

While using the “Explicit messaging” driver, please refer to the CIP object mapping provided by Banner (if available). If you experience any issues while using these drivers to connect to your device, please let me know.

Also, it appears that this PLC may support Modbus TCP as well. Would it be possible to use this communication protocol within your application?

I’ve had no luck using the ODVA drivers. The general Ethernet/IP driver would give a pop-up message saying to add/import tags but every time I would try and edit tags then click OK the program would crash.
We decided to try Modbus TCP and I’ve gotten the “Device no response” pop-up and none of the addresses for bits seem to work, 0x, 1x 3x_bit ect.
After watching videos on how to resolve this issue none of the methods have worked and I continue to get the pop-up.
Any ideas or common problems that I may be overlooking?

In this situation I would use a 3rd party Modbus master app such as Modbus poll to read 0x, 1x, and 3x_bit to verify if these addresses exist in the device or not. The user manual from your device vendor should list what Modbus function codes are supported. I guess your device may only support 4x and 4x_bit.

Hi @LoganH,

Were you able to verify communication using a 3rd party Modbus master as @TimWusa suggested?