Can a cMT-SVR-200's "hotspot" replace a router?

Can a cMT-SVR-200's "hotspot" replace a router?
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  • HMI Model: cMT G02
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: Asisa

I am considering the possibility of using the G02 gateway to communicate production lines with a cMT FHDX. Reviewing the functions of a cMT G02, I have the following question: can I connect a G02 to multiple Wi-Fi networks at the same time, or can I configure the gateway to connect to different networks as necessary? Either this or other devices, for example the SVR 200; to rule out alternatives.

On the other hand, this gateway cannot be used as a wireless AP, right? To choose an SVR 200 instead for this part. In that case, if I choose the SVR 200, I would connect these G02 gateways to the SVR’s network, I will be able to perform proper data transmission between the SVR 200 and the wired network connected to the G02 gateways, right? Each Gateway would have a network of devices connected by Ethernet, and I want to write/read data to them over the wireless network generated by the SVR 200.

Thank you!

HI @AsisaDK,

Thank you for contributing to our forum! Although the cMT-SVR-200 can function as a wireless AP, it may not have the bandwidth to support the transmission of data from multiple cMT-G02s and connected devices. However, I cannot be certain because I have not had an application in which this architecture was used. Perhaps @TimWusa can advise if he has seen a similar application. The primary function of the cMT-SVR-200’s hot spot is to allow remote monitoring using cMT Viewer.

The cMT-G02 cannot connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks simultaneously as it is equipped with only one Wi-Fi adapter. However, it can be made to reconnect to a different network via logic. Here is an example:
Note: This example was created for a cMT-SVR-200, but it may be considered a proof of concept.

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Hi, @Brendon.S and thank you!

That macro is a great solution, I’ll take this as a nice alternative.

As for the bandwidth, I wish Tim could give us a second opinion on this, although I think it would be better to use another method.

Thank you so much!

The function of the cMT-SVR-200’s “hot spot” is to allow remote monitoring using cMT Viewer without connecting your smartphone/tablet to an additional router.
It is not designed to replace a router that functions as a wireless AP.

Your post is more likely an application inquiry. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to ensure our understadning to your application is correct.
Typically one CMT-SVR-200/CMT-G02 constantly connects to a single Wi-Fi network.

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Thank you, @TimWusa!

I wanted to be sure that I couldn’t just avoid the use of an adittional router through this options.

And now I’m sure, thank you!