Can an iR-ETN map an analog input to an analog output?

Can an iR-ETN map an analog input to an analog output?
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  • HMI Model: IR-ETN with IR-AI04 at 3 remote locations
    cMT-CTRL01 with IR-ETN with IR-AQ04 at main plant or Just IR-ETN with IR-AQ04

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This is a presales application question.

Can an IR-ETN with an IR-AQ04 be configured by just mapping to re-transmit, if you will, each of the remote analog input signals from the 3 remote locations. There is only ONE (1) AI per remote location. Or do we need to have a cMT-CTRL01 at the main plant?

Modbus TCP/IP was the protocol that was planned to be used.

Depending on either answer Yes only the ETN is needed or No a cMT-CTRL01 with the ETN is needed,
the next hurdle would be the cellular ethernet router that we will have at each of the 4 locations.
Would that complicate or eliminate that ability for the communication to function.

Hi @cjvillier3,

Can you clarify what you mean by “re-transmit”? The iR-AQ04 does not support analog input. In case this answers your question, the iR-ETN functions as a Modbus TCP/IP device. It can communicate with any Modbus TCP/IP master. You can use EasyRemote IO to generate a tag file that contains the Modbus mapping of the current IO configuration. Here is a link to tutorial in which we demonstrate how to do this: Link

By re-transmit I mean, that we are looking to read an analog input from a remote station where there will be a IR-ETN and and IR-AI04. So the analog input makes it into the ETN unit (assume all 3 remote location and the main plant are on an ethernet network within the limits of what a hardwired ethernet network can handle) . NOW at the MAIN plant we have an ETN unit and an AQ04 analog output unit.
We want to send out of the ETN at the main plant through the AQ04 attached each of the values that were read from the remote locations.

Value of AI 1 (at remote location 1) maps to AQ1 at the MAIN PLANT
Value of AI 2 (at remote location 2) maps to AQ2 at the MAIN plant.

Thank you for the clarification! Within this application you will need a Modbus master like the cMT-CTRL01 to map data received from the iR-AI04 to the iR-AQ04 modules.

Thanks, that is what I thought but I just wanted to make sure.