Can EasyAccess 2.0 be configured from a remote location?

Can EasyAccess 2.0 be configured from a remote location?
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At project site: I open EasyAccess, hit the +, and see that my cMT-SVR-202 is successfully connected with the following message received: “HMI is activated and assigned to a domain”. I see also that an IP address is assigned successfully whether I connect directly to my ethernet switch or my PC (albeit, different addresses).

At remote office location in another city: Now, when I go to my office and try to connect, I successfully login to the Domain but when I hit the +, I don’t see HMI in the domain listed as an option. When I had a guy at the same time login through the project site network, then there is no problem.

What do we do to able to see our cMT-SVR-202 from a remote location?

Jan are some screen shots

The third screenshot is used for the local network. It can only scan the HMIs located on the local network and allow you to add those HMIs to your domain since you have logged in to your domain via the EA2.0 app. That is why you cannot see any HMIs when you are " At remote office location in another city".
To monitor the HMI via the EA2.0 app, please look at this video:

Note: make sure your HMI is already “online” by using the UI within window#76 in your EBpro project before monitoring the HMI via EA2.0

Thank you. I’ve followed the video but can’t even get pass step 1. My HMI is registered to my domain. Onced logged in to Easy Access 2.0, I found my HMI (see screenshot 1 I sent you earlier) but it shows “offline” and there is no icon, as indicated on the video, to click and connect. Nor do I see the blue icon for the cMT or HMI Viewer.

Note 1: I have not created a Project yet in EasyBuilder so do not know also what you mean by “window#76”. Is this why we can’t connect from a remote location? If so, please send instructions on creating a Project and downloading that Project to the HMI. Could that be step 1?

Note 2: Our project scope does not require creation of HMI, unless it is necessary. We seek to connect remotely to a PLC using the cMT-SVR-202 and understood that is possible.

Hi @JanATmehrdel,

I would recommend that you have the operator on site confirm that the HMI is connected to the EasyAccess 2.0 server by checking the EasyAccess 2.0 connection status within EasyWeb 2.0. Here is a tutorial in which we demonstrate how to access the EasyAccess 2.0 settings menu within the cMT-SVR’s web server: Link

Also, please note that the + button does not indicate that the HMI is connected to the server. It is only used to view the activation status and to assist with adding the HMI to your domain. Here is an example:

A cMT-3072XH is connected to our office network and the activation status indicates that this HMI has been added to a domain:

However, the HMI is not currently connected to our EasyAccess 2.0 server:

I’ve seen this video multiple times but there are mismatches with what is being explained in the videos and the softwares downloaded (e.g. see my other forum posts).

OK, understood the function of the + button and the fact I am not connected to the server. Thank you for that. But where is the download link to EasyWeb 2.0…I guess since now I have to download this to communicate with EasyAccess 2.0.
FYI, I have downloaded so far EasyAccess 2.0, Utility Manager, cMTViewer, Weincloud and EasyBuilder Pro.

Also, please confirm I don’t need to create a Project in EasyBuilder Pro, in order to remotely access a PLC (ie. I can abandon the instructions of TimWusa). Again, we don’t need an HMI, just the ability to remotely connect to a AB PLC using cMT-SVR-202.

NOTE: I launched cMTViewer at the project site (not remote location) right now through the LAN, which shows this information, including connectivity to Server…is that what you were looking for?:

Hi @JanATmehrdel,

EasyWeb 2.0 is a web server, it is built into the HMI and therefore does not require any additional software. To access the HMI’s web server, simply enter the IP address of the HMI within your browser while on the local network or enter the EasyAccess 2.0 virtual IP address within the web browser once the HMI is online and connected to our server.

Example: Enter the HMI’s IP address into your browser and click enter.

The method that @TimWusa described is an alternate solution. You do not need to create a project within EasyBuilder Pro in order to remotely access the HMI. To access a PLC via pass through, the HMI should be connected to the PLC and the appropriate communication driver should used within the current project. As an example, if I want to pass through to a CompactLogix:

  1. I will add the appropriate communication driver within my project: Example
  2. Add at least one object addressed to the PLC within this project: Example
  3. Configure my PC’s IP address so that it can communicate with the HMI on the local network and then download the application to the HMI: Example
  4. This will allow the HMI to communicate with the PLC and in turn allow you to pass-through to the PLC locally or through EasyAccess 2.0: Example

However, since you are not at the same location as the HMI you will need to have someone on site enable EasyAccess 2.0 for you. To do this, please advise the individual on site to perform the following:

  1. Connect the cMT-SVR-202 to a DHCP enabled internet access point like a router with an Ethernet cable. The HMI should receive an IP address from DHCP.
  2. Download and open cMT-Viewer: Link
  3. Connect the PC to the same router and open cMT-Viewer:
  4. Click on the orange circle in the top right corner:
  5. The HMI may be visible, but if it is not click on the “refresh” button:
  6. The HMI’s IP address is shown within this menu:
  7. Open Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and enter the HMI’s IP address into the URL entry box:
  8. If prompted that this site is not secure, please click “Advanced” and “proceed”:

  9. Enter the system password to login to EasyWeb 2.0. the default password is “111111”:
    Note: As described within this tutorial, the web server may look different depending on its release date.
  10. Once logged in, click on the “EasyAccess 2.0” tab:
  11. Ensure that the status is “Connected”. If the status says disconnected, please click the “Start” button:
  12. When the HMI is connected, you will see that it is online within the application: