Can I interact with overlapped objects in my project?

Can I interact with overlapped objects in my project?
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  • HMI Model: cMT3102X (V2)
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.09.01.357

Is there a way to either link a “Set Bit” object’s label to a PLC tag or make an “ASCII” object visible without blocking the selection of objects under it?

Basically I want to display text from a PLC on a “Set Bit” object, but I still want to be able to press anywhere in the “Set Bit” object for function. The only way that I’ve found to display the text data is with the ASCII object and when I put that over my “Set Bit” object then the area that has the “ASCII” object over is no longer selectable.

You could make a group of objects that comprise a Set Bit object and ASCII object, like this:

It would be possible to slow down the HMI-PLC communication if one window contains too many ASCII objects addressed to PLC tags.


Hi @kfischer,

Thank you for contributing to our forum, this is an excellent question! The method that @TimWusa
suggested is one option and please note:

The cMT3102X does not support pressing “through” layered objects, so the method advised above is what we would recommend at this time.

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