Can I send images from a Keyence IV camera to a USB on the cMT2078X?

Can I send images from a Keyence IV camera to a USB on the cMT2078X?
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  • HMI Model: cMT2078X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: 2301407054

I’m having trouble with the FTP functionality and had some questions. My goal is to transfer images via FTP to internal storage or onto USB from a Keyence IV series camera and have these viewable on the HMI in the case of a reject.

I’ve went thru the FTP section of the manual. I have set the FTP client can modify USB/SD data and the port is still default (21). The only change I have made is the ip address of the HMI to

  • I can access FTP folders via windows explorer using ftp://uploadhis:111111@

  • I cannot access FTP folders via FileZilla using using port 21, default settings, and uploadhis | 111111 credentials.

  • I cannot get the IV camera to pass the FTP test.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Omegaplex,

Based on your description, it seems that the IP address of the HMI is and the IP address of the camera is Is this correct? If not, can you please advise the IP address of the camera?

Also, please note that the IP address that you described and the IP address within image are different:

Okay. That’s completely on me. I looked back into it after I posted and realized I had set the ip as 0.68 in some places and 10.68 in others. The transfer is working great. I appreciate the reply and will probably have more questions in the coming weeks as I learn more about these HMIs. I have primarily used Cmore Panels and Panelviews from Rockwell so I’ve had a learning curve.


Excellent! I am happy to hear that everything is in order and I’m more than happy to help with any future inquiries! Thank you for contributing to our community!