Can the "Tag-history" object display string data?

Can the "Tag-history" object display string data?
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I am currently logging string data through a data sampling object in EasyBuilder Pro and displaying it with a history data sample object on the HMI. Is there a way to have this data available in the dashboard?

Hi @Smcguire,

It is possible to publish this data to Dashboard and backup this data so that it can be analyzed on a remote PC. To publish the string data, you will need to perform the following:

  1. Add a String tag to your Data source within Weincloud:
    Note: Please ensure “History” is enabled.

  2. Within a Dashboard project, use a “Tag-history” display widget to display the historic value of this tag:

  3. To backup this data (as a csv), you may use the “Backup” button within the Data Source tab:

For for more information about Dashboard, please see this tutorial: Click Here

Hi Brendon,
Thanks for the help. Is there a way to have multiple string data tags in one table?
they seam to gray out when I have the multiple tag option selected.

I believe that the aggregation feature does not currently support string values. However, I will confirm this information with our factory over the weekend.

Hi Brendon,
Thanks for looking into it.
When I attempt to publish my Dashboard with a string tag in my history widget I get this error:


What would cause this?

here is the tag:

I tried to replicate this, but when I configured a similar String tag in a new a project it seemed to work without issue. Here is a video of my attempt: Link
Can you confirm if you performed a similar process?

Hi Brendon,
I ran some tests and discovered that the error happens when you are pulling data from 2 different panels in the dashboard software. Once a second panel is added the string data sources have the “invalid tag” error.

Hi @Smcguire,

Thank you so much for identifying this issue, I was able to replicate this as well and I have forwarded it to our team for evaluation. I will let you know as soon as this issue is resolved.

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I have confirmed that currently this feature is not supported and our developers do not plan on adding this capability within the next release.

Hi @Smcguire,

I wanted to inform you that the development team is currently working to resolve this issue, but at the moment I do not have an estimated time of completion.

Hi @Smcguire,

The development team has advised that this issue should be resolved. Thank you again and please inform us if you encounter any other issues.