Can you download a cMT3162X project file to a cMT3162X (V2)?

Can you download a cMT3162X project file to a cMT3162X (V2)?
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HMI: cMT3162X
Easy Builder :V6.08.02.500
Easy Access 2.16.7

I compiled my project put it on a usb, and then plugged it into the back of the HMI. I select download, select the project on the usb, and when I try to download I get an error “Please select a correct project file!”.

I have used about 10 of the 3162x’s and haven’t seen this error before. I tried uploading a previous project that I know has successfully downloaded to an HMI and the same error occurred.

I also tried uploading through Easy Access 2.0 and when I download via “PC to HMI” I get an error saying “Please select a correct HMI model”. But on the download PC to HMI pop up there is no field to change what kind of HMI is used. On Easy access the OS version listed is cMT3162X (V2) OS build 20230322. On Easy builder pro its listed as cMT3162X (1920 x 1080), and the back of the physical device is confirmed as a 3162x.

Hi @agoodman,

Can you confirm if the label on the back of this HMI also states that this model is a cMT3162X (V2)?
If so, you will need to change the HMI model within the EasyBuilder Pro project file to cMT3162X (V2) as shown within this example: Link before you can download this project file to the device.

Yes, that was it. I wasn’t told we got a different version and didn’t notice V1/V2 before. Thanks for the help!

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Hi @agoodman,

Thank you for the update, have a great day!