Can you pass-through to other Weintek HMIs?

Can you pass-through to other Weintek HMIs?
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Is it possible to pass-through to other Weintek HMIs, or is pass-through limited to just PLCs?
Here is my scenario, some of our customers only allow us one internet accessible IP, so in the past we have installed a Phoenix Contact mGuard to facilitate remote access to all ethernet devices on our product. I don’t mind buying a license for every HMI in our project, but I may only to have one HMI accessible via internet.

-Daniel Nall

Hi @HFCRacer,

While using EasyAccess, it is possible to pass-through to any device type, this feature is not limited to PLCs. However, in order to pass through to an external HMI you will need to add the “Remote HMI” to your project: