Can you store a recipe database on IPC's SQL server?

Can you store a recipe database on IPC's SQL server?
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  • HMI Model: CMT3108XH
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: 6.08.02

I am designing a machine for a customer that has an incredibly large recipe database. On a current machine using a CMT2108X2 we have split the database up into two separate recipes, but they are already running into issues with needing to add new model types.

The recipes are tied to a barcode which contains the model number, and the recipe is looked up via the model number. Most of the recipe entries are just variation of the same components, but the dimensions and/or colors and styles change. So it quickly adds up.

Is it possible to move the recipe database to an SQL server stored on an IPC? Can that data be easily transferred back-and-forth between the HMI and an external database?

Hi @jnorris,

The scenario you described is a common use case for our SQL Query object. When you have time, I recommend reviewing these tutorials:

If you have any additional questions after watching the tutorials, please share them in this post. I hope you find this information helpful!


I’ve tried following the tutorial videos to do some testing with the simulator and my development PC, but I’m hitting a snag. I cannot get EasyBuilder Pro to connect to the database to load in the table scheme, and I cannot get the simulator to connect to the database.

When I check the status register the error number is “1” which the help file says is an unknown error.

I am using the IP address to connect to my local host, and I am using the root user and password. I can connect to the server with a few SQL clients, so I know the server is running, I’m just not sure it is configured correctly for EasyBuilder.

Hi @jnorris,

The user account will need all roles and privileges’ enabled. When you have time, can you please review step 9 of the “Database Server User manual” document linked to this post and advise if your ‘root’ user has adequate privileges’?

Thank you, reading through the documents in that link I found that it was an authentication issue. I had MySQL version 9.0 installed, and did not have the option to use legacy authentication. I uninstalled 9.0 and installed 8.0, selected legacy authentication, and not everything works.

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I am so happy to hear that everything seems to be working, if you have any additional questions related to MySQL please let us know!