CMT3092X and Julabo

CMT3092X and Julabo
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  • HMI Model: CMT3092X
    We have a customer that wants to interface a Julabo heating immersion circulator to the CMT3092X.
    communications would be RS232. Terminal interface commands would be used to retrieve values from the heater.

Interface commands allow the device to be remote controlled. Parameters can
be retrieved and the current status can be queried. To do this, the device must
be connected to the master computer via a digital interface. Interface
commands are entered using a terminal program.

Page 86 of the manual. Link below, shows the commands.

here is the link for the device.

would the HMI be able to accomplish this? would the driver be the free Protocol RS232? any information is appreciated.

Hi @SteveV,

I believe that you can accomplish this with the “Free Protocol” driver as this would be similar to using a terminal to send command values to the device: