Codesys installation errors


As with any software, certain errors or issues may prevent the Codesys IDE from installing. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to this issue, but we’ve outlined some recommendations below.

Software Version:

Codesys IDE
Codesys package

Install fails:

Some users have reported that Codesys v3.5.15.50 fails to install even when another version of Codesys does not produce the same issue. If the installation of Codesys v3.5.15.50 fails or if you already have another version installed, we highly recommend using a VM to complete installation.

Opens with error:

If the application opens but presents an error message, we recommend uninstalling and removing all Codesys-related files from your PC. When finished, please re-attempt installation, and the issue may be resolved.


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