Codesys project conversion FAQ

Codesys project conversion FAQ
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Certain vendors provide a programming environment that uses a custom instance of Codesys. Some examples include Lenze’s “PLC Designer” and Schnieder’s “EcoStruxure Machine Expert” (formerly “SoMachine”) software. Certain components within these applications are not compatible with the generic instance of Codesys. In order to convert applications developed for these vendor products so that they may be compatible with Weintek’s built-in Codesys, the application will need to be redesigned and rewritten using the generic instance of Codesys. However, Weintek cannot guarantee that each feature within the original application can be implemented in the same manner using the generic instance of Codesys. Conversely, PLC applications produced by some vendors like WAGO allow their products to be programmed using a generic instance of Codesys. These applications may be converted to Weintek’s built-in Codesys with moderate effort.

If you are interested in a real-world example of software migration, please visit WAGO’s “Migration Guide – from e!COCKPIT to CODESYS V3.5.”. This document describes differences in the operation of CODESYS and their custom instance of Codesys called “e!COCKPIT”.


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