Common window troubleshooting

Common window troubleshooting
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  • HMI Model: cMT3078XH
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: MSI Tec

I am having an issue with this particular project in that if I try to put any kind of image or other object on window 4, the simulation will open in window 4 and I can’t change windows. This is with both online and offline simulation.

It only seems to happen in this project as others open to the page that I expect.

What can I try to fix this issue? Easybuilder Pro has been reset several times. I would rather not have to copy elements to put on every page.

what determines the default window to open on? I thought that it was always window 10, but it appears I am mistaken.


Hi @Cstarr,

Any object that is placed on the common window will display and / or be accessible within all other windows in that same project. Are you certain that the application is opening to that window specifically?
Note: To change the startup window, please see this post: Link.

I am fairly certain that it is window 4 because that is the only window that has just the elements I am seeing, i.e. missing buttons and other features. I know sometimes these buttons and such take a second to load but I have let is sit for a couple minutes without them appearing.

I can toggle L bits with one of the buttons, but the function keys appear to do nothing. Same with the combo buttons that have window functions.

Good morning @Cstarr,

After reviewing your project, I have determined that this issue may be resolved by changing the “Common window” setting, located within the “General” tab of the “System Parameters” to “Below base window”: