Comunication between HMI and Automation Direct Click PLC

Comunication between HMI and Automation Direct Click PLC
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  • HMI Model: cMT3072XHT
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:

The changes you helped me with has the program running perfectly except for one issue. I get periodic communication errors when I push buttons on the HMI screen. I am connected from the Weintek HMI (cMT3072XHT) to an Automation Direct PLC. The model is a Click C2-01CPU2. I am communicating via an ethernet cable between the two devices. From the EasyBuilder System Parameter screen I have tried two different set-ups with the Weintek device. I first tried the Automation Direct Modbus/TCP connection and then Koyo Click V3 Modbus TCP connection. The program runs correctly but every third, or so, button push on the HMI results in a communication error. If you acknowledge the fault and push the same button again, the input is accepted. Any idea what could be the problem?

Hi @Sanchezdf,

Thank you for the detailed description, can you please follow the instructions within this tutorial to create a simple project that will allow you to test communication: Link

When finished, please advise if you can communicate with the Click PLC using the “simple project” without issue.