Configure the HMI as a Modbus server

Configure the HMI as a Modbus server
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  • HMI Model: CMT-SVR-100
  • OS Version: V6.07.02.320

I am wanting to setup my HMI as a local MODBUS server, I found the following YouTube video online covering the steps but I do not have MODBUS Server as an option on my device list. Is there another option I can use to set up a local server? Thanks!

How to setup a Weintek HMI as a Modbus server - Weintek USA, Chapter 19 - YouTube

I spoke with someone on the phone who said the SVR-100 doesn’t support MODBUS server, but when I create a new project using a CMT3072XH I still am not given the option to create a MODBUS server from the System Parameters screen. The CMT3072XH is the model used in the YouTube video example showing how to set up a MODBUS server.

Additionally, I do not see any specifications relating to only certain models having the ability to run a MODBUS server. The narrator in the YouTube video appears to state that all HMI and Gateways have the ability to run a MODBUS server.

Ultimately, I am trying to publish local HMI tags to MODBUS registers to be read by third party systems and can’t replicate any of the steps in the manual or YouTube video.

For reference to anyone else with this issue, the problem stemmed from an out of date version of Easy Builder Pro, just downloaded 6.08 and I now have the option.

It would be nice if EBP could self update instead of having to download a new version each time, but not complaining as I’m up and running now!

There are software differences such as driver naming between Maple Systems’ and Weintek’s.
This may be the cause of your issue.