Converting MT8070iH to an MT8071iE

Converting MT8070iH to an MT8071iE
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  • HMI Model: MT8070iH, MT8071iE
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: From download EBproV60702375
  • Serial Number: H version ??, E version 2208403731

I was told I could upload the program from the iH version and download it into the iE version HMI. My assumption was to set up a project with the iH version and upload it but there is no device model ‘iH’ in my version of EasyBuilder Pro. How do I do this?

The iH version is not listed in Easybuilder Pro because it must be programmed in EasyBuilder 8000 (aka EB8000).

This instructional video may be a little out of date but the translation process is unchanged.
How to Translate EB8000 Projects to EasyBuilder Pro - Weintek EBPro conversion

This is a newer video in which an EB8000 project is translated to EB Pro ver.6

I was able to upload and convert to the 8071iE, but i’m getting a couple of errors:
Warning: System tag "LB-9036: SD card free space insufficiency…not supported in this HMI model.

Also when compiling, I get the following:
5 of the data sampling errors: duplicate history folder(file) name
That same error stated above on LB9036
Extended Memory 0: this model does not support SD card.

What should I do?

When you compile the MT8071iE project and get those errors, you will need to click each error item one by one. This action will direct you to the corresponding object associated with the error.
Then you should select the “USB disk 1” as your storage.
LB-9036 should be replaced with LB-9037 ("USB disk 1 free space insufficiency alarm ") by manually selecting LB-9037 from the tag list, which is the system tag within Easybuilder Pro.

Hi Paul,

Here is a link to a tutorial in which we demonstrate how to resolve compilation errors: How to correct a compilation error - EasyBuilder Pro - YouTube

I’ve corrected all of the errors and the program compiles without errors. I built the files and put them on a USB stick. When I try to download the project I get a message from the HMI “Project Incorrect”.
I thought I would try to download using the ethernet connection but I can’t find what the IP address is supposed to be. Is it available in the project or do I need to look into the old HMI MT8070iH to find it? how would I pull it up with a project running on it? can I connect a USB cable and see it?

It appears that you may have selected the wrong HMI model. Can you advise as to what HMI model is shown on the bottom left corner of EasyBuilder Pro when your project file is open?

If the model shown is not the MT8071iE, you will need to convert the project to the correct HMI model by following the steps shown within this tutorial: Click Here

To find the HMI’s IP:

  1. Select the grey arrow on the bottom right corner of the HMI’s display:
  2. Click on the information icon and the HMI’s IP will be displayed: