Data sample discrete tags

Data sample discrete tags
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  • HMI Model: cMT-SVR-102
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: Heitek

Is it possible to data sample a discrete tag? I want to use trigger based sampling for several discrete tags in the PLC. The only option for the channel are registers, not bits. This is for a GE RX3i controller, the only tag types available are AI, AQ and R.

All the points I want to log are discretes in the PLC. They don’t need to be alarms and the operation log settings only seem to work when a button is pressed on the Weintek HMI, not when a PLC bit changes.

Hi @jbaack,

Currently, the data sampling object does not support boolean tags. In most applications we recommend using the “Event (Alarm) Log” to perform this function. However, I may be able to advise an alternative method. Can you state approximately how many boolean tags you would like to monitor within the data sampling object? Also, please advise as to how often you wish to record their current state.


I only need to monitor 8 boolean tags. I have them set up contiguously in the PLC. The reason for this is to assist with troubleshooting an issue at a remote site. I need to have 1 second or less resolution.

I have it set up to monitor a 16 bit register with 0.1 second time samples. It would be nice to have this trigger based

Hi @jbaack,

To work around this limitation I would recommend that you transfer your boolean data into local registers and then monitor these registers within the “Data Sampling Object”. This can be accomplished via the following method:

  1. Within the “Project” tab click “Macro”:

  2. Within the following menu, click “New”:

  3. Within the “Macro”, define 8 bool variables or a boolean array of 8 elements:

  4. Move your cursor to the next line and click on the “GET/SET FN…” button in the bottom left corner:

  5. Within the following menu, select “GetData” from the “Function name” drop-down list:

  6. Specify the appropriate array index within the “Array Index” entry box or select the appropriate variable:

  7. Then, define the address of the boolean register you would like to read:

  8. Click “Ok” when finished and then repeat steps 4-8 for each boolean register.

  9. Move your cursor to the next line and select the “GET/SET FN…” button once more:

  10. Within the following menu, select “SetData” within the “Function name” drop-down list:

  11. Specify the appropriate boolean variable or array index and write this data into an LW register:

  12. Click “Ok” when finished and then repeat steps 9-12 for each boolean register and write them into a set of contiguous registers within the HMI’s LW memory:
    Example: This data is written into register LW-0 - LW-7.

  13. Ensure that “Periodical execution” is enabled and define the execution time as 2 x 100ms:

  14. Click “Save & Compile” when finished:

  15. Within your data sampling object, read LW-0 - LW-7 as within this example or the appropriate range of LW registers that you defined within steps 9- 12 to record the current value of the boolean registers: