Device communication with FHDX

Device communication with FHDX
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Is it possible to configure a cmt-FHDX in 2 different network segments?
Is there a limit to the number of devices I can connect to the cMT-FHDX or to a display?

Hi @Asisa,

The cMT-FHDX can be connected to two different networks. Typically LAN-1 is used for WAN and LAN-2 is used for LAN unless the HMI has been equipped with an active Codesys license. Here is an example:

For cMT and cMTX HMIs, the maximum number of devices that can be added within the “Device List” in Easy Builder pro is 64, including Remote HMIs and PLCs. Currently, I do not have any notes regarding the maximum number of displays that can be connected to the cMT-FHDX, however, an HDMI splitter can be used to connect the FHDX to more than one display.