Easy Access Not Working On iPhone

Easy Access Not Working On iPhone
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Using iPhone 14 Pro iOS v16.0.1. I keep getting a authentication error when I try to log in. The account works on the Windows app. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this?

Hi @b.k.n,

We would like to investigate this issue within our office, can you please advise the following information when you have time:

  • Does the issue occur over Wi-Fi ,cellular, or both?
  • If the issue only occurs while connected to a specific network (e.g., Wi-Fi only) can you please advise what ISP or cellular provider you use?
  • What version of IOS is running on your device?
  • What version of the EasyAccess 2.0 app do you have installed?

Thank you for your assistance!

It occurs on cellular and Wi-Fi.
As in my previous post it was iOS v16.0.1. But has been updated to the latest.
We just downloaded the Easy Access 2.0 app yesterday from the app store.

Hi @b.k.n,

Thank you for the prompt response! We will investigate this issue and I will let you know if we have any additional questions or if we can advise a solution.


When you have time, can you please post a screenshot of the login screen and a screen shot of the error as well as? I was unable to replicate this on two different iPhones:

  • iPhone 12: IOS 16.1.2
  • iPhone: IOS 15.2.0

While testing, I used the latest EasyAccess 2.0 application.