EasyBuilder Pro: 6.08.01

Easy Builder Pro just received a Major update. This update includes new and exciting features that both increase functionality and development efficiency. Below is a quick highlight of some of the latest features:

  1. A Combo Button that is configured as a Word Lamp can change states by a preset range of values:

  2. A custom “Startup Screen” image can be saved within the project file via the “System Parameters”:

  3. The “Trend display” can now be configured to display the “High” and “Low” limits without aligning the center of the value to the top and bottom of the display:
    The ‘0’ and ‘100’ are not aligned to the display’s top and bottom.

    The ‘0’ and ‘100’ are aligned to the display’s top and bottom.

To learn about other features added within this release, please see the release notes for 6.08.01.