EasyBuilder Pro: 6.09.01

Easy Builder Pro just received a Major update. This update includes new and exciting features that both increase functionality and development efficiency. Below is a quick highlight of some of the latest features:

  • Smart guide: If enabled within the “View” tab, will allow you to quickly align objects in your project using dotted lines.
    Note: In this example the numeric object is dragged to the location indicated by the dotted lines. The guide helps to “snap” this object in place.

  • Template window: Will allow you to create a project window that can be referenced in other areas of your project. If applicable, tags or text on the template window can replaced within a substitute using the “General” tab of the properties menu.

  • Tag search: A user preference that will allow you to search for a tag-based address by typing a tag name into the “Tag” drop-down list.

To learn about other features added within this release, please see the release notes for 6.09.01.