Epson Robot

Epson Robot
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  • HMI Model: mt8102eiu
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:6.05.02
  • Serial Number or supplier: 2301406980

I can communicate with the robot Epson. This is work MOTOR ON, MOTOR OFF, LOGIN, RESET, NUMBER SERIAL OF ROBOT, LOGINPASS,
I try to move the robot EPSON VT6L, with MOVE, JUMP, ARC, GO. I don’t no how this command work with the ROBOT

I would recommend reading the instructional user manual created by Epson. I have not had experience about testing an Epson robot in person. The connection guide just shows a list of the available commands and monitoring variables. For more information about how those work, you need to look at the vendor’s user manual.

Configuration could be like this:
All objects (below) are Numeric objects with “allow input” enabled. Their “data format” is set to 16-bit unsigned.

The information can be found in the Epson user manual, specifically, section 6.18.2 “Point to point motion”.
You probably have to configure profiles (X,Y,Z,U,V,W,etc) for each Point before performing Point to Point motion.