History data display of multiply channels

History data display of multiply channels
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  • HMI Model: MT8102iE
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: BUILD 2024.01.31
  • Serial Number or supplier:

I currently READ and store data from a PLC and display one HISTORY DATA channel for each single Data Sampling Object and therefore have one display screen for each. I am trying to determine if it is possible to record six (or three groups of two) REAL data values in a single Data Sampling Object and then display all six channels as part of a single History Data Display Object. I can’t determine how to create multiple tag READs of the PLC Real data tags on the Data Sampling Object screen. Thanks

Hi @ProcessControl,

To sample non-contiguous data points within a project that does not support this feature or to sample more than 8 non-contiguous data points, please transfer each data point into HMI memory as in the example below:
Note: To transfer data, please see this post .

Then, sample data points from the “destination” registers as in the example below:

Thanks for the quick reply, but still some confusion…Your device is “Local HMI” and my device is currently “Rockwell Micro850”. How to I read multiple data register tags?


I now see the mapping table for transferring tags into the HMI…I will take a look…thanks.

Can you please review…how do I know if any other part of the program is utilizing LW0-LW11? thanks.

I see that when I delete the macro LW1 and LW3 are still red so they must be used already so I will start with LW10 instead…thanks!

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to use the address grid to determine what is mapped to data addresses within your project.