How can I change an I/O parameter within Codesys?

How can I change an I/O parameter within Codesys?
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My codesys app is running on the test bench with variables shown in the photo.
I needed to change the range on an analog input so I did that with Easy I/O and exported the revised PLC Open XML file.
Over in my Codesys app (at the Modbus TCP Master) I imported PLC Open XML. That creates ANOTHER Modbus TCP Master with no variables named to match my logic.
How can I affect this I/O change without having to recreate all my variables?

Hi @mike_c_56,

Each parameter within Easyremote IO is associated with a Modbus initialization in the “Modbus Slave Init” tab. Therefore, in order to change or update a value within the device you may:

  1. Download the change to the module using EasyRemote IO

  2. Update the corresponding parameter in the “Modbus Slave Init” tab:

    I. Within EasyRemote, double click on the “Modbus Mapping” column of the parameter in question:
    Note: Take note of the 0 base dec address, Codesys uses the 0 based address in initializations.

    II. Within Codesys, open the “Modbus Slave Init” tab of the iR-ETN that you would like to update:

    III. Locate the initialization value associated with this address and use the “Move up” button to move this initialization prior to row 20:

    IV. Double click on the selected row and use the following popup to change the initialization value:

    V. Download the Codesys application to the HMI, reboot the system, and advise if you have any additional questions.

Note: If you are using an iR-ETN and the “Modbus Slave Init” tab contains the parameters related to pulse capture and counters shown below, please delete row 6-94 as they are not needed within your application.