How do I configure a re-occurring email alert when an alarm is active?

How do I configure a re-occurring email alert when an alarm is active?
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  • HMI Model: cMT3072XH
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: 2206113855

Hi, I currently have build and have enabled the email function in case of an alarm even, it works perfectly once the alarm is triggered I get an email and another one once the alarm is cleared.

My Question is, is there a way to program it to have it send the alarm email every 5-10 min until the alarm is cleared?


There is no option within the Event Log that will send an alarm email every few minutes until the alarm is cleared. Personally, I think re-sending alarm emails many times doesn’t bring to someone’s attention and it may confuse or irritate recipients.

I know it is possible to re-send the alarm emails by a workaround, but one of cons is that this workaround makes unnecessary logs on the Event Log database (.db file), which will mess the Event Log file.

The workaround that @TimWusa is referring to may be similar to the following:

  1. Create a Macro that reads the state of the event that you are monitoring and periodically toggles an HMI bit:
    Within this example, LB-0 is toggled every 60 seconds while the alarm is active.

  2. Create a new event that will send an email if the HMI bit used within step 1 is active:

Here is a link to a demo project that implements this workaround: Link

Note 1: Please configure your smtp settings when testing this project.

Note 2: As @TimWusa mentioned this workaround will make unnecessary logs within the Event Log database.

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