How do I connect to a cMT-SVR-202 and is Npcap supported?

How do I connect to a cMT-SVR-202 and is Npcap supported?
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We are having trouble connecting. Our cMT-SVR-202 is connected to router and following the video instructions in the link on this forum, we must set DHCP configuration using the “reboot” “Analysis & Testing” screen of the Utility Manager. In doing so, and clicking then the “Search and Change IP” button, I am prompted to install WinPcap however, when visiting, it is said WinPcap is no longer maintained and is vulnerable to “DLL hijacking”. After installing the recommended “Npcap” instead, I am unable to continue with the instructions on “Reboot”.

Please help or advise how to overcome this first step!

Hi @JanATmehrdel,

I don’t believe that we support the Npcap driver at this time, please install WinPcap as stated within the prompt. However, you do not need to use WinPcap to connect to the cMT-SVR-202. If this is your first time connecting to the device, please follow the instructions described within section 2 of the cMT-SVR-200 user manual:

Once connected, you can configure the cMT-SVR-202 such that it can connect to a wireless access point that provides internet access. Once the HMI has internet access it will be able to connect to our EasyAccess 2.0 server.