How do I convert my Combo button to a macro?

How do I convert my Combo button to a macro?
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  • HMI Model: MT8090
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: 6.08

I have a button on a screen that has the following actions…

Set Bit (Set ON, BOOL-T6_Batch_Recipe_Control.Batching_Complete_HMI
Delay (250ms)
Set Bit (Set OFF, BOOL-T6_Batch_Recipe_Control.Batching_Complete_HMI
Change full-screen window (13.Screen 3)

I have built a macro that does some verifications of some of the fields on the input portion of the screen and at the end , if all conditions are met, I what to do the same thing as the button does so the system will move to window 13.

Can someone convert the actions to macro for me? Not sure about the macro commands.


Hi @BCS-Support,

Can you please post a picture of the tag referenced within this object as in this example?
Note: This should allow me to write the macro that can be copied into your program.

However, please note that there is no set function within our macro workspace to change windows. This can only be accomplished when using a PLC control object with a macro as in this tutorial: Link

Let me know if this is OK.


Unfortunately, this screenshot does not state the name of the controller that you’ve defined within your EasyBuilder Pro project. Here is a macro that may work once you’ve replaced the “NAME” with the actual device name:

macro_command main()
bool on = true, off = false
short win_13 = 13
SetData(on, "NAME", "T6_Batch_Recipe_Control.Batching_Entry_Complete_HMI", 1)
SetData(off, "NAME", "T6_Batch_Recipe_Control.Batching_Entry_Complete_HMI", 1)

// Example
SetData(win_13, "Local HMI", LW, 100, 1) // A value of 13 is set within LW-100
// This address may be linked to a PLC control object as shown within this tutorial:
end macro_command

Note: The device name should match the name of your controller as defined within the “System Parameters”.

Note: Here is an example of a PLC control object that will change the current window to the window number set within the “Trigger” address.

Thanks for the information. Went in first time with no errors and the macro now works as expected.

Thanks a bunch for the help.

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