How do I record user login and logout history?

How do I record user login and logout history?
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  • HMI Model: MT8092XE
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
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Can you please get me pointed in the right direction…I would like to record when the time and date stamp when anytime there is a successful log in and time stamp only when there is a log out. I have the system set to automatically logout the user after 15 minutes. I am using the Login by Index (screen 70) to log in and a UAC command=3 (on a push button) to log out. I’m just not sure the best way to create the logic and chart the data. Any suggestions and or links would be appreciated.

Hi @ProcessControl,

I would recommend that you use the “Operation Log” to meet this requirement. To implement this feature within your project, please perform the following:

  1. Within the “Data/History” tab click on “Operation Log”:
  2. Within the following popup click “Enable operation log function”:
  3. At the top, enable the operation log for “User login/logout”:
  4. Configure the control address and any other desired functions:
  5. Click “Ok” when finished.
  6. If you would like, create an “Operation log view” object to view updates to the log:
  7. The view object display user login and logout actions:
    Note: At 14:27:02 I logged in as Admin and at 14:28:04 I was logged out automatically.

For more information about the operation log, please see the “Operation Log” demo project: Link

Thank you for the quick reply…I can’t locate a Global folder anywhere in my list as you show…see attached:

I tried experimenting and used window 70 variables but have several issues. User ID never is displayed (recorded)…I assumed it to be variable OL_0 in window 70? I know I’m close and would appreciate your comments.



I have been experimenting with the Operation Log link you supplied an basically get the similar results as I do on my HMI. It never records the User Name at log in but does record the User name at log out. If you log the User in twice in a row or after logging in press the Log In button again it will then record the User name (see second picture below). Something else I found with the original Operation Log in the link (and on my HMI too) when condensed, does show the column for User if you scroll over, but when expanded there is no User column displayed even when you scroll all the way to the right…Thanks
Also, if I have the system set to do an automatic logout after a period of time, I don’t believe that would record the User as being logged out.

Just to point out information about the “User login/ logout” option within the operation log.
This feature was added to EasyBuilder Pro V6.07.02 for CMT/CMT-X units. It is not available for non-CMT units, such as MT8092X (our legacy unit)

EasyBuilder Pro V6.07.02.226
[Operation Log]
User login / logout activities can be recorded

Understood, and that is why I was asking Weintek a possible way to achieve my goal (before I started) to log (record) User Login & Logout. I stated which HMI model I was using and it was recommended that I use the Operation Log. So now that you have stated that it can’t be achieved by using the Operation Log will you suggest another way to solve this challenge or are you saying that it can’t be done? Thanks

Hi @ProcessControl,

My apologies, as @TimWusa mentioned the feature that I described is available on cMT and cMT-X HMIs. To perform a similar function on an MT8092XE you may need to utilize the “Event (Alarm) Log”. I will post an example shortly unless someone else responds before me.

In your case, it can’t be achieved by using operation log, but an alternative method is to utilize Event Log and System tag LW-10754 along with PLC Control objects and macros.

For more information, please look at this demo project Demo

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To check if a user is logged in using the “Event (Alarm) Log”, please perform the following:

  1. Create an event to monitor the status of LW-9222. To determine if a user has been logged in please configure the following condition:
  2. Click on the “message” tab and change the “Multi-watch” value to ‘1’:
  3. Within the “Multi-watch” settings, configure the following:
  4. Click “Ok” when finished and use the “Multi-watch” syntax to define the following message:
    Note: The syntax %(WATCH#)s is the the multi-watch syntax for string values. Where the # should be replaced with the multi watch value.
  5. Click “Ok” when finished.
  6. Create a copy of this alarm with the following configuration:
  7. Change the message to indicate a logout:
  8. Click “Ok” when finished and navigate to the “Login & Logout” window:
  9. Replace the drop-down list with an ASCII object with the following configuration:
  10. Reconfigure the command value within the “Login” button to ‘1’:


Note: In order for this solution to work, each user must have a security class (i.e. Class A) enabled or a “login” will not be detected.

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That worked perfect even with the automatic sign-out…Outstanding support as always!

Just saw this response now Tim. I have downloaded and reviewing now…thank you!

A perfect solution, all working. I like that you can still use the Drop Down User List and display the Login/Logout events separate from the alarms (at least for this application). Thank so much.