How do I use MySQL with a localhost IP?

How do I use MySQL with a localhost IP?
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  • HMI Model: CMT3162x (V2)
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:v6.08.02.449
  • Serial Number or supplier: 2307407001
    I have created a generic database, in My SQL, I configured the DataBase Server and SQL QUERY object and SQL Query Result Viewer, and everything works correctly, but when I load the program to the physical computer, it cannot load the database, this Is it due to the IP address of the server or something else, the localhost address used is and the IP address used to download and upload the program to the HMI and from the PC is another
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Hi @rescobar,

Is the MySQL server running on your PC? If so, you will need to reconfigure the IP address within the “Database Server” object to target your PC’s IP address prior to download. Then, the HMI must be connected to your PC (server) via Ethernet in order to execute SQL queries.

Note: The IP is referred to as the “loopback” IP. When a network application or service on a device sends data to the loopback address, it is essentially sending the data to itself.

I think my problem is mainly creating the server on my computer using my own local IP, I will continue investigating to see what I am missing, thank you very much for your help, greetings


Certainly and if you have any additional questions related to this topic, please let us know.