How do I use WebView or cMT Viewer without a password?

How do I use WebView or cMT Viewer without a password?
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I have an opportunity to install several of the cMT-FHDX-820 devices in some plants, but one of the requirements is to be able to remote view the screen of multiple units at once.

We are able to get close, but it currently is prompting to enter the password prior to displaying the view whenever we open the page.

We do not need interactivity; display only.

Is there an easy way to make this happen? We have an existing PHP app that we would like to use, and our programmer is jumping through hoops with reverse proxies and what not to try to make this work, but isn’t able to get more than one to display without having to re-enter passwords (111111) frequently.


Hi @jjansen,

What device are you using to monitor the cMT-FHDX-820? I believe that both the PC and mobile version of the cMT Viewer application have the “Save password for this HMI” option shown below:

Note: This setting will allow you to connect to the HMI without entering a password.

Also, please note that all of our HMI’s with a built in display or those that can connect to an external display through HDMI output support VNC as well: Link 1, Link 2

We aren’t using cMT viewer. We are using the webview. Is cMT (or something else) embeddable into a php web app page?

Preference would be to simply disable the password completely, but let me look into this some more.

Hi @jjansen,

Within the Webview settings of the HMI’s web server there is an option that will allow Webview to be used without a password:

Can you please verify that this option is enabled?

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