How do you configure a word lamp when using the Siemens S7CommPlus driver?

How do you configure a word lamp when using the Siemens S7CommPlus driver?
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Hi I am communicating my HMI with a siemens 1200 via ethernet and the plc via modbus to a soft starter SSW07.

I am able to read current and voltage output through the plc and Modbus communication.

I was trying to set up a word lamp to display the status of the soft starter
I’ve tried all the configuration I could and I am unable to display the status.
I’ve attached info of the address I am trying to read let know if there is a particular configuration i need to do



Hi @gary14,

Can you please post an image that shows the read address you’ve configured in your project. If Siemens like some other manufacturers uses addresses that begin at “40000” to indicate the corresponding function code, you may need to address the word lamp to 4x-5001. Have you already tried this?

Does these work ?


Can you please advise if you are using our Siemens “S7CommPlus” or “Absolute Addressing” driver?


Your DB within the TIA portal has “offset”, which is absolute addressing.
If you intend to use the Siemens “S7CommPlus” driver, within the TIA portal you have to check “optimized block access” for your DB. (Right-click on your DB → select “Properties" → “Attributes” tab ->check the “optimized block access”)

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I got it working but did it a different way.
in my siemens program I separated each bit of the status word and was able to read them like that.
Is there a tutorial for using the absolute addressing ?

Hi @gary14,

Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial in which we demonstrate this driver, but other channels on YouTube may have tutorials in which they utilize this driver. Here is one such example: Link

Also, you may find documentation within our PLC connection guide helpful: Link. Next to each driver within this table is a link to a PDF document in which the developer notes its usage and any limitations. I hope this helps!

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