How do you resolve an error code 2, 205, or 208?

How do you resolve an error code 2, 205, or 208?
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Maybe you can help me. I am having issues activating CMT viewer modules lately. I am able to add them through Weincloud to my domain , but they are offline. When I check on the CMT viewer side, I am getting error code 2 when trying to go on-line which is time out error. I have many customers with the CMT-SVR modules, and the activated ones work well. The new modules are timing out as if they are not going through the activation server to open them up. Any Insite would be helpful.

Thank you

Hi @Feedbeef,

Please confirm that your network settings match the requirements below and use our PC test tool to validate your internet AP.

  • LAN 1 and LAN 2 are set to different IP subnets
  • LAN 1 or the WAN port has a valid network configuration
  • Validate the internet AP with our PC test tool: Diagnosis | Weintek Support (

That was not it. It was the certificate that expired on the version I have. Set the date back to August 1st and worked right away and took the update . Thanks anyway.

Hi @Feedbeef,

Thank you for sharing your solution, for detailed steps that may help other customers with this issue:

  1. Click the “Stop” button within the EasyAccess 2.0 settings menu.
  2. Open the HMI’s system settings menu and change the date to 08/01/2023.
  3. Click the “Start” button within the EasyAccess 2.0 settings menu and the HMI should connect to our server and update. The update may take 1 - 2 minutes and during this time the HMI may flash error 207 before connecting.
  4. When the HMI’s EasyAccess 2.0 state is “Connected”, the HMI should be set to the correct time and date.

Brendan, thank you for this step by step fix. I have run into a whole batch of cMT’s showing “Not Activated” in EA2.0’s start/stop page. Changing the date fixed it immediately.

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Hi @EddieB,

We are always happy to help!! Have a great day and happy holidays!