How do you utilize the built-In mono speaker?

How do you utilize the built-In mono speaker?
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  • HMI Model: CMT3092X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • I am trying to find information on how to setup and use this built in mono speaker on the CMT3092X.

In easy builder the internal tag for buzzer is disabled. How do we use this speaker functionality?

Thank you.

Hi @SteveV,

The built-in mono speaker provides sound output for the following objects:

  • PLC Control object: This object has a feature called “Sound control” that will allow you to play a specific sound in response to a Boolean trigger.
  • Media Player: If you play a video on the HMI, the sound will output through the built-in mono speaker.
  • Event Alarm: An alarm can be configured to play a specific sound.
  • Object: A tangible object like a “Toggle Switch” can be configured to produce sound in response to user interaction.

Note: Sound output can be modified or disabled within the “System” tab of the system parameters.

Thank you for posting!