How to add a keypad for use within your project

How to add a keypad for use within your project
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  • HMI Model: any cmt
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
    v6.09.01.485 build2024.01.31
  • Serial Number or supplier:
    MSI Tec

Hey there, I have a customer that designed a popup keyboard for numeric inputs that has included a screen with the typed value. I would like to include and ascii object on the keyboard so that the operator doesn’t have to select the numeric object when the keyboard opens.

I can see that by default, windows like window 55 have an ascii object registered to LW-9150 that reads the value of the keyboard inputs. I would like to include this same feature on a custom keypad but the project will not compile, citing the ASCII object even though I can add window 55 despite the ascii object. Is there a way to rectify this issue? thusfar I have gotten around it by using a direct window, but the operator has to select the input again which is undesirable. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Cstarr,

Can you please check if your customer’s keypad was registered as a “Keyboard” or that it exists within the “Keyboard” dialog in the “General” tab of the “System Parameters”? If it does not, can you please use the “Add” button to add this keypad:

Also, the compilation issue maybe that the ASCII object has “Allow input” enabled. This option is not allowed on keypad windows:

It was the allowed input preventing it from compiling. Thanks.