How to capture an image of the HMI's display


In this post, we will guide you through the process of capturing a screenshot with your HMI and saving it onto a USB drive.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. Begin by preparing the window you wish to capture a screenshot of. Navigate to the “PLC Control” option within the “Object” tab:

  2. Within the “PLC Control Object,” select “New”:

  3. When configuring the new “PLC Control Object,” set the (A) “Type” to “Screen hardcopy.” Next, choose an available memory address for the (B) “Address” within the “Trigger” section. Within the “Source Window” section, select one of three options: capture the current window (Current base window), capture a window from a registered memory address (Window no. from the register), or select a window from the drop-down menu (Designate window no.). Lastly, ensure that “USB disk” is selected within the “Output to” box:

  4. Within the “Source Window” section, you can customize the folder name and file name after saving by selecting (A) “Customized filename handling.” Additionally, you can specify a section of the window to capture by choosing (B) “Crop Window” and accessing its settings through the corresponding “Settings” button:

  5. Finally, create a toggle switch to activate the screenshot capture. Locate the “Toggle Switch” button within the “Object” tab. Make sure that the “Trigger address” used earlier for the “PLC Control Object” matches the “Toggle Switch” “Read/Write” address:

  6. Now, when you activate the toggle switch within your project, a screenshot will be captured and saved onto the USB drive connected to your HMI.