How to change the IR-AQ04-VI to be isolated outputs

How to change the IR-AQ04-VI to be isolated outputs
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  • HMI Model: cMT3162x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.02.322
  • Serial Number or supplier: HH Barnum

On a project, we are utilizing the IR-AQ04-VI card with all 4 outputs being set to ±5Vdc. When the first output is activated, we can measure the voltage out at 0.38Vdc (Good baseline).

When the 2nd output is activated along with the 1st still on however, both output drops to 0.25Vdc.

When the 3rd output is activated, along with the 1st and 2nd, all three output drops to 0.12Vdc.

We have confirmed that the power supply is still holding at 24Vdc feeding the full system when these motors are turning on. Is there something with the settings of the card to keep the channels isolated?

There is no setting to keep each channel isolated.


Is there a reason that they are not isolated already or why this is happening?

The drives themselves are physically isolated, with the two wires going direct between the drives and analog card.

What values did you set for the following parameters?

  • Output Scale Range Upper Limit
  • Output Scale Range Lower Limit

What value did you write to “Analog Output #0” when you measured the voltage at 0.38Vdc?

While you were measuring the voltage, was the analog output being wired direct to the motor drive (load)?

Output Scale Upper Limit: 32000
Output Scale Lower Limit: -32000

Can re-confirm when machine powers on, but Analog Output #0: 3200

That is correct. The motor drive was wired direct to the analog output card. Could watch the first motor slow down as additional motors were turning on.

Could you make screenshots of information about the analog input of the motor drive you’re using?

This information could be found in the device’s user manual or datasheet.


We are using some stepper drivers from Automation direct:

Here are some screen shots, from the program currently running. All 3 of the steppers that are on are at 0.12Vdc.

When one is turned off, two remain on, the voltage comes up on both to 0.25Vdc

I did re-verify the settings on the card output versus the drives requirements:
Output Card: -5 to 5Vdc
Stepper Driver: 0-5Vdc


Being I am connected remotely to this machine, I was unsure how to use the EasyRemote IO to get the Project Values you requested directly.