How to change windows using a Function Key


Within this post, we demonstrate how to change the window of your HMI project using a function key.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. Within the “Object” tab, select the function key from the “Button/Switch” section:

  2. In the "General tab of the function key, select “Window” as the “Type”:

  3. Next, within the “Function” drop-down list, select “Change full-screen window.” This action will close the current window and open the window selected within the “Window no.” drop-down menu:

  4. Within the “Animation” menu, you can choose a transition animation that will run when the window changes. When pressed, a window will appear that lets you choose the animation effect, duration, and in which direction it will appear:

  5. Place the object on your work area. When pressed, the HMI will display the window set within the “Window no.” drop-down list in this object’s settings:
    Note: Use the “Label” tab to add a static or dynamic label to this object.


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