How to choose your HMI model within the Utility Manager


The Utility Manager houses many useful tools that will come in handy when designing or troubleshooting your EasyBuilder Pro project. It’s a stand-alone program that is installed alongside EasyBuilder Pro. It’s important that the correct HMI model is selected within the Utility Manager, or certain features may not work as expected.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


Follow the instructions below to choose your HMI’s model within the Utility Manager.

  1. To open the Utility Manager, either select the desktop shortcut that appears after EasyBuilder Pro installation or search “Utility Manager” in your PC’s system search tool:

  2. When the Utility Manager launches, select the “Select Model” tab on the top left:

  3. When “Select Model” is clicked, a list of HMI series will appear. Choose the series that corresponds with your HMI:

Model Classification Example
cMT-SVRX-*** cMT X Series Advanced cMT-SVRX-820
cMT-FHDX-*** cMT X Series Advanced cMT-FHDX-820
cMT-3**2X cMT X Series Advanced cMT-3072XH
cMT-3**8X cMT X Series Advanced cMT3108XP
cMT-3161X cMT X Series Standard cMT-3161X
cMT-2***X cMT X Series Standard cMT-2108X2
cMT-1106X cMT X Series Basic cMT-1106X
cMT-SVR-*** cMT Series cMT-SVR-100
cMT-G** IIOT Gateway Series cMT-G01
cMT-CTRL01 IIOT Gateway Series cMT-CTRL01

Note: Where * represents an integer 0-9.

You can now access tools within the Utility Manager specific to your HMI.