How to configure symbol configuration access rights

How to configure symbol configuration access rights
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I am having an issue in which the PLC will disconnect every time a certain toggle button is pressed in the HMI. The button is associated with a tag in the PLC that enables or disables a stepper motor. It appears in the logic of the PLC but also with a rs232 command over the free protocol. This happens every time the button is pressed. I have no theories up to this point what would cause this issue other than perhaps a memory overload issue in codesys or the HMI runtime. Any insight on how to troubleshoot or otherwise rectify this would be appreciated.

Here are the details
Easybuilder Pro v6.09.01.485
codesys version 3.5 SP 15 patch 5 + 64 bit
hardware os version 20230425
Model: cMT3108XP
SN: 2305111232

Hi @Cstarr,

Can you please post an image that shows the configuration of your toggle button? This information may help me determine what could be causing this issue.

Here is the config of the object,

There is a PLC control object that runs this macro whenever it’s pressed

2024-03-15 08_27_09-Work Space


Can you please check that the “Access rights” within the symbol configuration object allow both “Read” and “Write” for the “StepperOn” tag?
Note: In this example, xBit_RO allows “Read only” access, xBit_WO allows “Write only” access, and xBit_RW allows both “Read and write” access.

If the “StepperOn” tag allows both read and write access, please comment out line 39 within your macro, download the project, and test if this issue will occur when pressing the “StepperOn” toggle switch.